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Japanese scientists discovered this enzyme in the middle of the last century, in 1959.

Transglutaminase helps to crosslink individual sections of protein molecules into a single network.

This enzyme finds its main application in meat production in the manufacture of sausages. The enzyme introduced at the initial stage of chopping to increase the density, solidity and “biting” of sausages. For example, in minced cooked sausages, transglutaminase promotes the formation of a protein net structure, between the “cells” of which moisture and fat are retained.

This densifies the consistency well and improves the “biteability” in finished products to a slight crunch.
This requires a certain amount of protein, in the composition of minced meat should be at least 12%. Moreover, the nature of the protein can be any.

Emulsifiers and stabilizers

Calcic (potassium chloride, calcium chloride), Algin, Xanthan.


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