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The way to the hi-tech food plant.
Sveltic – Steritech – Tavil.

Recently, NewLine Project, FoodZavod and president of the Steritech autoclave manufacturer factory Pierre Govignon met in the city of Saverne, France, and visited the head office and factory of Steritech.

Steritech produce computer-controlled autoclaves using hi-tech technology to fully control the pasteurization and sterilization processes and to obtain the perfect taste of the finished product.


Then, after moving to the city of Laye, in the Brittany region, to the Sveltic ready-made meals factory, we were able to see Steritech in action and see how the super modern ready-made meals plant works. Automation and robotization of processes, coordinated work, the latest technology and as a result ready-made dishes of the highest quality with 100% food safety. All these are the distinctive features of Sveltic.

Here is just a small fraction of the products that Sveltic produces: soups, lasagna, premium ready meals.

For d’aucy, William Saurin and others


It is worth noting that most dishes are prepared in Steritech autoclaves - from 30 to 60% of the entire cooking process. The latest software allows you to automate production as much as possible - reduce time on a lot of movements and manipulations and significantly reduce the food cost!



Our journey continued in Girona, Spain - at the Tavil packaging equipment manufacturer's factory. Tavil offers innovative packaging and palletizing solutions for maximum automation and stability.



Our engineers are currently developing projects using Tavil solutions. New Line Project visits new modern facilities, exchanges experience and applies new innovative technologies in current projects.

The NewLine Project cooperates with Steritech and Tavil in the international market.

You can adapt these technologies to your needs, requirements, tasks, ideas, and our processing engineers are ready to help you with this.


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