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Food safety in an
era of pandemic

STERITECH is a developer of autoclaves and automated continuous sterilization and pasteurization systems.

In the context of situation in the world, the issue of food safety comes first in the food industry. Thanks to pasteurization and sterilization technologies, using an autoclave and the most automated lines, we get:



Automation and robotization of processes, coordinated work, latest technology and as a result, ready meals of the highest quality with 100% food safety.

Microbiology and history


- is the process of destroying vegetative forms of microorganisms (except thermophilic) in liquids and food products by heating them once and briefly to temperatures below 100°C, usually by heating most often liquid products or substances to 60° C for 60 minutes or at a temperature 70–80° C for 30 minutes. The technology was proposed in the mid-19th century by the French microbiologist Louis Pasteur. It is used to disinfect food products, as well as to extend the shelf life.


- releasing of an object or material from all types of microorganisms (including bacteria and their spores, fungi, viruses and prions), or their destruction. It is carried out by thermal, chemical, radiation, filtration methods.

Our engineers are currently designing projects using Steritech solutions.

NewLine Project Company cooperates with Steritech in the international market.

You can adapt these technologies to your needs and ideas. Our processing engineers are waiting for your technical tasks and are ready to help you.


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