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ShowBOX technology
and Tavil

Shelf-ready packaging (SRP), Show box - technology for packaging the product in corrugated cardboard boxes, optimized for transportation, storage, simplification of display and increase brand recognition due to the unique design.

We began to increasingly promote the idea of ​​multi-format packaging lines with showbox as it is the future in the field of packaging solutions for retail, b2b and other sectors.



SHOW BOX Benefits

- Versatility and acceleration of the calculation

- Reduction of staff

- Appearance - order on the shelf, brand recognition

- Individual box sizes suitable for specific display cases and shelves.

- The product is protected throughout the supply chain

- Automation and robot packaging of the product at the production stages.

⠀NewLine Project create projects with multi-format packaging and SRP in collaboration with the manufacturer of packaging lines TAVIL.


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