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New test.

QBO is an industrial multifunctional high-tech vacuum cutter.

One machine that replaces several traditional machines. The whole workflow takes place in one bowl, which makes cooking simple and quick. Qbo can be used for cooking: cream toppings, soups, stews, condensed milk, marzipans, jams and used as an autoclave.

In addition to the food industry, Qbo is a new innovative solution for the production of cosmetics. During our last tests in Bologna, Italy, we received lipstick samples, mascara and concealer that meet all standards. We can conclude that Qbo perfectly homogenizes and creates the perfect texture, working not only with food, but also for example the wax component, which is the basis for lipstick and concealer.



Nowadays, NewLine Project is working on technological solutions for the design of pharmaceutical industries.






We have been working with Roboqbo for a long time and our engineers are always ready to help you adapt and implement Qbo in your projects, following your ideas and tasks.


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