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Pet Food Processing

The health of our pets is important to us, as is our own! The quality of life depends primarily on nutrition.

New technologies for the production of food for cats and dogs of various gradations of quality for wet and dry feeds are emerging. We will consider two options - a super-premium class and a standard with an example in scheme.

Below is an example of an innovative line for the production of dry food of the “biologically appropriate nutrition” class of super-premium, without the use of frozen raw materials, at a cooking temperature of 90 degrees.

An example of a processing line for the production of wet pet food of the standard class using frozen raw materials (offal) and raw materials of plant origin.

  1. Feed hopper
  2. Mixer
  3. Meat grinder
  4. Belt conveyor
  5. Screw conveyor
  6. Lifting device
  7. Emulsifier
  8. Technological hopper for preparing additives and spices
  9. Meat grinder for frozen raw materials

NewLineProject offers design and modernization services for existing plants in order to extract additional profit from the production of pet food and other high-margin products.

We offer solutions for animal feed production lines, meat processing plants and fruit and vegetable processing plants (use of seeds, skin, oilcake).


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