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Lab meat.
Never Born or slaughtered.

Tube meat, or cultured meat, is a product of animal origin. Roughly speaking, this is natural meat obtained in a non-standard way. It was not part of the carcass of a dead animal; it was literally raised in a laboratory.

Scientists consider lab meat to be safe and potentially even more beneficial than natural meat. During the cultivation process, you can adjust the nutritional value of the product - for example, to reduce the content of cholesterol and "harmful" fats and increase the proportion of healthy. Another advantage of laboratory meat is its “purity”. The product is created in a sterile environment, without the participation of animals, which means that pesticides and antibiotics that are widely used in animal husbandry will not enter the human body.

New technologies, financing, public support – manufacturers already have it. Just a few years - and we do not have to kill animals to eat natural meat.

Currently, our processing technologists are developing a project that uses similar ideas in Russia.



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