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Fermented foods.

Fermented products are products that was made under effect of enzymes that accelerate chemical processes, change the composition, texture of raw materials. The fermentation process gives the products a bright concentrated flavor, which in Asia is called umami-monosodium glutamate, for example, dried sausages, jamon, black garlic, soy sauce, cheeses.

One of the most popular products using fermentation, with such a bright and rich taste - parmesan. Due to prolonged fermentation of milk protein, glutamate in cheese is visible with an unarmed gaze. These are white blotches similar to grains of sand. To get 1 kilogram of cheese, it usually takes about 16 liters of milk, and it can take from one year to three years to mature. The older the product, the more brighter the taste.

Interesting fact

Fermented black garlic is not so well known, but is gaining widespread popularity due to its useful qualities. He is especially known among gastronomic circles and in the field of alternative medicine. Like many other fermented foods - contains many vitamins and antioxidants, has a positive effect on many body systems.




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