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Eating with Dignity: A Conversation
with Food Forward

"Everyone eats and everyone should eat with dignity. Food Forward helps that happen...We ALL have something to share – money, time, clothing, etc. – at Food Forward our currency is food. We’d like to reframe how people see abundance in their own lives – and what they can do with it to help others." - Rick Nahmias, founder, Food Forward.

Food Forward is a Southern California nonprofit organization that “rescues” fresh local produce. The organization’s mission is to “harvest food, fight hunger and build community.” The volunteer-driven organization is dedicated to food justice and eliminating hunger in communities. Food Forward organizes gleaning activities — called “picks” or “harvests” — on private properties (including homes and commercial farms), in public spaces and at farmers and wholesale markets to “recover” produce. What they collect is donated to “direct-service agencies” that feed the hungry.

The Central Wholesale Produce Market


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