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Fish Processing

The fish processing industry is very specific. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge, NewLineProject is ready to offer the most effective solutions for the design of technological lines based on the desired level of productivity, budget, type of raw materials (fish species, sizes).

Work that used to be done manually is now more often automotized. In addition to the main work, such as washing and cleaning, more and more equipment is being introduced for highly sensitive processes, such as bone removal, filleting or precise dosing. Cooperating with factories of equipment manufacturers, we help to adapt and apply the latest technologies in your projects.

Our processing chains include all stages from storage on deck to packaging of the finished product. We provide the customer with all the key information for each stage.



Food safety, compliance with all standards, product quality, increasing OEE (overall equipment efficiency), profitability - these are the goals that we set ourselves when designing fish processing production lines.


Automatic fish deheader



Filleting line



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